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Fake News? Armed bandits kidnap bus load school children in Fontamara Haiti

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September 26, 2019 10:46 AM

News spread on social media Wednesday that a group of armed bandits captured a private school bus loaded with school children and took them to Grand Ravine, a notorious ghetto in Haiti’s capital. So far, the police said they have zero complaints from concerned parents reporting missing children.

PHOTO: Haiti – Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students)

One of the morning news journalist on Radio Caraibes FM admitted he received no official news about this from anyone he talked to while he attempted to confirm it.

Haiti’s judicial police (DCPJ) knows nothing about it, and the local police department in Fontamara knows nothing,

So far, it seem like people trying to spread fear among parents on social media to make them afraid to send their kids to school, Journalist Guerrier Dieuseul said.

Haitian Creole: Nouvel gaye sou rezo sosyo bandits kidnape yon bus elev lekol rantre Grand Ravine, La police yo pa resevwa plent okenn paran

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