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Sad: I heard a little Haitian school girl singing “vle pa vle fo l ale” like it’s a song from her favorite artist

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September 26, 2019 6:57 AM

I feel so sad to report to you that the permanent destabilization of Haiti is engraved in the mind of every generation living in Haiti. Imagine that. I am walking through a neighborhood in Haiti and witness a little Haitian school girl singing to the tunes of a popular street protest lyrics

PHOTO: Haiti Education – Nesmy Manigat, former Haiti education minister

vle pa vle fo l ale!
vle pa vle fo l ale!
vle pa vle fok jovenel ale!

She couldn’t be more than 9 years old.

Does she even know what she is talking about? I asked myself.

My guess is no; However, her mind has already caught the virus. Just like every child in the Untied States recognizes the McDonald’s logo before then can even read and write, children in Haiti know “vle pa vle fo l ale,” The famous protest cry in Haiti that uproots almost every elected president in Haiti.

Here goes another Haitian generation!

Haitian Creole: C’est triste: Haiti, mwen tande yon ti elev lekol ap chante “vle pa vle fo l ale,” w a di se chante atis prefere l

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Emmauella Vincent says…

It’s so sad, that at a such tender age she s programmed to be like just like her parents.

I would like President Jovenel to stand his ground and teach the Haitian nation a lesson that we can change our behavior and be civilized.

enough with those so called patriots who are constantly plunging the country into chaos and shame.

He shall not

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