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50 year-old Haitian-American share some great Workout Secrets: Healthy Eating, Weight Lifting vs. Calisthenics

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September 29, 2019 9:57 AM

Meet Fred, a very fit and muscular Haitian-American from Wingate Park, Brooklyn, New York, who shared some great secrets about fitness and the health benefits of working out and eating clean. Watch the video.

Meet Fred, a Haitian-American Body Builder from Brooklyn New York

According to Fred, working out on a regular basis gives you a “clear vision in decision making and everything.”

Working out “gives you the energy to keep up with your kids, your family, tasks at hand that you need to do”

Eating right without exercising keeps you lean and healthy but it does give you the stamina that you really need but it does keep you healthy.

Fred Suggest you incorporate both, eating health and working out.

One of his biggest nutrition secrets: NO MEAT!

How many Haitian-Americans can follow a diet with no meat?

No Poul Di?
No Griot?

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