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Apartheid in Haiti: The system Haitians are fighting against is worse than Apartheid in Africa, professor said (AUDIO)

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September 30, 2019 12:11 PM

A Haitian professor argues the Apartheid that existed in South Africa is nothing compared to the Apartheid that exists in Haiti.

The System in Haiti: A system of Apartheid worse than Apartheid in South Africa

Here is what the professor said in a radio interview. For Creole, play the Youtube Video, or continue reading for the English translation:

Haitian artists are asking for the Haitian system to change; however, their bosses own the system, a Journalist said.

Not just the Haitian artists, politicians as well who are big actors in the system, they do not own the system. Their bosses own the system.

In other words, can the system really change in Haiti?

This system has been in place since 1806 since after Dessalines was assassinated. Haitians were imposed a system of Apartheid, meaning the Haitian economy is owned only by a small group of people.

So, everyone who call themselves politicians in this system are just carrying the suitcases of the really people in charge so then can satisfy themselves.

They can be ministers, big shots, director of the Central Bank, then can own a beautiful home, but he is only there to hold they system but the system is really an economic and social apartheid.

Apartheid meaning there is a group of people who live separately from the rest of the population and all the riches of the
country belong to them and them alone.

All for me, none for the others. This is the Haitian system.

The Apartheid that existed in South Africa is nothing compared to the Apartheid that exists in Haiti.

These are the thoughts of a professor Fleurantin (don’t have his full name) on Radio Mega’s morning program “Booster” Monday, September 30, 2019.

What do you think about that?

Haitian Creole: Tande AUDIO sa… System Apartheid Haiti a se yon system ki pi rèd ke Apartheid Afrique Du Sud, yon profesè eksplike!

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