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Confessions of a young Haitian-American stuck in “Peyi Lock” Haiti!

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October 3, 2019 7:47 AM

Port-au-Prince, Peyi Lock Haiti, September 30th, 2019 — I was laying down on my bed, I looked out the window and noticed that the sky was completely grey. Now, this is interesting because just a minute ago the sky was blue and clear.

Black Smoke in the skies above Haiti from Haitian-American stuck in Peyi Lock Haiti, 30 September 2019

So I decided to go out to the balcony and take a look for myself. What I found out, to my surprise, was that the city seemed to be entirely up in smoke.

To my right, all I see is black smoke rising from the streets beyond the trees. The sky was barely visible towards the right.

To my left is a small hill with houses, small alleyways and passages. People where running trying to get inside their houses. It seemed as if they where all coming from the main road.

All around me, all you can hear are the screams of people running and terrified of something.

Then, suddenly, two loud gun shots were fired into the air from a short distance.

With the sound of the gun shot seeming to come from just down the street from me, I ran back into my room and closed the door.

For a minute I though: Could it be civil war in Haiti?

For security reasons, I ask that you not publish my name. Call me: Young Haitian-American stuck in “Peyi Lock” Haiti!

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