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Naomi Osaka’s Haitian father is coaching her once again

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October 6, 2019 3:46 PM

Haitian Japanese Tennis champion Naomi Osaka is being coached once again by her Haitian father Leonard Francois after she parted ways Jermaine Jenkins and things are going great for her since.

Naomi Osaka, her Haitian Father and her Australian Open championship Trophy

Naomi Osaka surprised her fans after she suddenly split up with coach Sascha Bajin a couple of weeks after winning her second slam.

Recently, she part ways with her coach Jermaine Jenkins since no results came out of that relationship.

Now Naomi is back with dad, Haitian father Leonard Francois, her original coach who’s been training her since she was a little girls and, already, she won two championships. says: “Naomi went back to the future to be coached again by her father Leonard Francois, and things started to work well instantly.”

Osaka won the Japan Women’s Open Tennis tournament title in Osaka Japan, same as her last name. Right after that she won the 2019 Toray Pan Pacific Open. That’s two championship credit for coach daddy since his comeback.

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