Haitian politicians can study quite a bit from the animal world however they refuse

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October 17, 2019 5:53 AM

Is not that humorous? Cats and canine can get alongside however Haitian politicians refuse to take a seat down to determine the best way to Haiti out of the s**t gap.

Slightly pet and a cat enjoying collectively in Haiti

There’s a perception that cats and canine do not get alongside however I found that cats and canine who’re raised collectively or have socialized earlier than four months of age get alongside tremendous.

It’s canine and cats who should not accustomed to one another who find yourself combating different. Since they did not develop up collectively, the canine tends to chase the cat round.

Haitians have been residing collectively for the reason that slavery days, since Saint-Domingue was a colony, and but 215 years after independence, energy hungry Haitians are nonetheless unable to place apart their variations and resolve for the nation and for the folks.

Haitian Creole: Suivez mon regard… Chien ak chat, lè yo grandi ansanm yo ka antann yo. Males politisyen Ayisyen, zansèt yo ap pran kout raso ansanm depi avan lendepandans, yo refize chita ansanm pou retire peyi a an trou poupou li ye a.

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