The situation in Haiti makes some people want to get up and leave the country

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December 3, 2019 3:49 PM

Without any certainty how life will be like in the other country, some people want to simply get up and leave the country. The current situation in Haiti is the culprit.

PHOTO: A Haiti mother and child deported at midnight from the Dominican Republic

A young woman decides she wants to leave Haiti and migrate to the Dominican Republic because she doesn’t see a future a for herself and her child in Haiti.

But what will life be like for her in the neighboring country without being a legal resident? To her, it doesn’the matter. In her mind, anything is better than raising that child in Haiti.

Schools are closed, her business has come to a halt, what is she to think?

She is willing to sacrifice everything to make that move, even if it means ending her relationship with the man she is with who is against the idea.

This peyi lock phenomenon is doing more harm than good to the population. It is breaking apart some very strong relationships. If only the opposition knew that. If only they gave a danm.

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