Haitian fans reply to Naomi Osaka’s ‘No Haitian food spots in Los Angeles” tweet

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December 8, 2019 9:44 AM

After Haitian-Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka tweeted she couldn’t find a Haitian food spot in Los Angeles California to satisfy her thirst for “legume and plantains,” some Haitian fans replied to her.

Naomi Osaka Chillin in LA – Naomi in Hollywood

Here are just some of the comments:

Marline Francois-Madden @MarlineFrancois

“My brother lives in LA and my mom ships the legume and banan pezè to him”

Jonathan @Nautilus916 says…

“So what happens when you are back in Japan where there are probably zero Haitian restaurants?”

To which sekinemakiko @MSekinemakiko replied:

“We have Hatian restaurants in Tokyo. I tried one in Shonjuku n another in Shibuya. Jerk chikin in Shibuya’s is quite nice”

A suprised Jonathan replied back:

“I can’t believe there are Haitian restaurants in Tokyo but none in LA. Amazing.”

Glyss Beauty @Glyss_beauty says…

“Yes there’s is a Haitians restaurant in LA. it depends which part of town are you”

Erykah @Am3rykah

“Awwww Naomi. It’s really nice to see you embrace your haitian heritage.”

Jay @passportjay tells Naomi Osaka:

“You won’t get any Djon-Djon in Los Angeles lol”

Minabeer @Therminaber di Naomi

“Vini Haiti wap jwenn manger à gogo”

franz charles @franzcharles5 to Naomi Osaka:

“Yes girl, you have good taste. bon bagay lol”

stayhugh6 @stayhugh6 says…

“LA has got to have at least one Haitian food spot come to NYC, we have lots of Haitian restaurants”

Andrene pitcher @PitcherAndrene congratulats Naomi

“That’s my girl! Your culture is who you are.”

laksmy @laksmyherard suggest Naomi goes to Miami instead:

“I don’t know if they have or not, but only thing that I know in Miami we have more haitien restaurant than any other nation. to be honest

rice + legumes + plantains = vest best food ever specially when it gets beef meat on it plus sauces (pwa) beans…”

FòkSaChanje @LotJohnny see an opportunity for Naomi Osaka in LA:

“Let’s put one Haitian restaurant there.”

Awa Gehara @awagehara says…

“I am currently away from home. I can’t wait to go to New York for Christmas to eat some good Haitian food. I miss diri blan ak sos pwa ak fish, fritay.”

Sunshine @njazz02 complained about the lack or Haitain restairants in North Carolina where she lives:

“Same here in NC. There’s no Haitian restaurants here either and Legume is my favorite.”

Delly O @DellyOceane says:

“La has no good Caribbean food spots. I just moved here and totally disappointed”

Cadpig101 @cadpig101 has the same prolem as Naomi Osaka:

“Ikr, I’m going crazy out here without my griot”

monaco @rochermonaco says:

“Haitien foods is the best”

Heleon @Heleon8 gave Naomi Osaka a little food lesson:

“I can’t imagine the cuisine with legume and plantains, but both seem to be rich in carb.”

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