Naomi Osaka complains about the lack of Haitian Restaurants in Los Angeles California

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December 8, 2019 8:44 AM

Japanese Tennis star Naomi Osaka cannot believe there is no Haitian restaurants in Los Angeles California where she is now a resident. “Food spots,” she calls them.

A Sad Naomi Osaka tweets: No Haitian food spots in Los Angeles

Born to a Haitian father, Naomi Osaka made it clear, she cannot live without her Haitian legumes and plaintains.

Osaka tweets: “Does LA really not have any Haitian food spots or am I not searching correctly? Cause I’m about to go back to Miami asap…bye LA it was cool while it lasted but I can’t live without legume and plantains”

Do you have a Haitian restaurant or “food spot” In Los Angeles? List it for free on the Haitian Online Business directory at so Naomi Osaka and her friends can find it.

To Naomi, There was a nice restaurant LA called TiGeorge’s Chicken but it closed before you arrived. See the List of Haitian Businesses in Los Angeles] here.

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