President Jovenel Moïse and Taiwan ambassador inaugurate modern rice seed conditioning center (VIDEO)

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January 22, 2020 7:30 AM

Watch the video… In an attempt to increase rice production in Haiti, President Jovenel Moïse and Taiwan’s ambassador inauguratted a rice seed conditioning center in Morne Casse, commune of Ferier in North-East Haiti.

This rice seed conditioning center, equipped with automatic equipment for drying seeds at temperature controlled by computers and a laboratory to test the quality of seeds, is part of a project of 3 Rice seed conditioning centers aimed at decreasing rice production in Haiti in the North-East, South and Artibonite departments of Haiti.

The rice seed center in Morne Casse can store up to 5000 tones of rice, Taiwan Ambassador Bang-Zyh Liu said during the inauguration.

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