Old Diaspora Haitian said he will never return to Haiti, find out why

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February 24, 2020 4:50 PM

After the recent events in Haiti where the police was in conflict with the military, an old man living in the diaspora told his wife: “You see? I will never go back to that country!”

Haiti, A Country Unique!

The man has an old radio by his bed and he listens to Radio Zenith FM, an opposition radio station, all day and all night.

Find out what happened here, read: Haiti – Armed clash between the Haitian Military and protesting Police at Champs-de-Mars

He constant complains about the situation in Haiti and how bad things are over there.

Now, thanks to the recent news, this old man found the confirmation he neede to never go back to Haiti.

Do you share his feelings or do you have a different oppinion about Haiti?

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