Intermittent Fasting – My Haitian father refuses to let fast at his house

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February 25, 2020 6:53 AM

My dad is a typical Haitian rice and beans everyday kind of guy. When I told him I was going too fast for 3 days straight, he flat out refused. Keep on reading…

Haitian Cuisine – Griot with Rice and Beans invades the New York Times LOL…

My father came at me as if I was a little baby:

“What are you talking about? You’re not eating for 3 days? Not in my house!”

“You have to eat when you wake up in the morning,” my father told me. I had to go hide at my cousin’s place just saw give myself a food vacation.

To dad, you must eat first thing in the morning and you gotta have two other meals afterwards; déjeuner, dinner, souper, as they say in French.

I tried to explain to the 86 year old man why it is important to eat one meal a day or within a 4 to 8 hour window and give yourself time to digest the food and allow the body to repair itself when it is in fasting mode but he wouldn’t have it.


Do a Google search on intermitent fasting. You’ll be amazed if you haven’t tried it yet. Maybe you can help me convince my father are you still best thing to do.

The old man loves meat so much I don’t know how to tell him next that I want to try a Whole Foods plant based diet LOL.

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