FLASH : First suspected case of Coronavirus is found in Haiti

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February 28, 2020 3:46 PM

Breaking News… The first suspected case of Coronavirus is found in Haiti. Former Thomassique depute Nickson Dorestil is currently in isolation at Sainte-Therese hospital in Hinche awaiting further testing to confirm whether or not he would have the Coronavirus.

Haiti Medical Alert

According to a very credible source, the deputy has all of the symptoms of a person who would have Coronavirus.

He was rushed to the hospital but ambulance from his hometown of Thomasique and has been put in isolation. Medical authorities from Port-au-Prince are on their way to run further tests for confirmation.

Auto source also told us that the deputy was recently in Canada where they are now 14 cases of Coronavirus.

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Haiti Nouvelles says…

Dernières nouvelles …

Le premier cas suspect de Coronavirus se trouve en Haïti. L’ancien député de Thomassique, Nickson Dorestil, est actuellement en isolement à l’hôpital Sainte-Thérèse de Hinche en attente de tests supplémentaires pour confirmer s’il aurait ou non le Coronavirus.

Selon une source très crédible, le député a tous les symptômes d’une personne qui aurait le coronavirus.

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