Haiti Beat is the pulse Haitian breaking news. If it's happening, it's on Haiti Beat. Haiti Beat is a place to gather, develop and promote the unique culture, talent and experiences of Haitian people. Whether you were born in Haiti or abroad we invite you to take part in this movement. Listen live to Haiti Beat FM online.

Haiti Beat FM is the best radio station, broadcasting your favorite tunes, ranging from Kompa, Zouk, Rap Kreyol, Hip Hop Kreyol, Chansonnette Francaise and more. We're all about music and when you want up to the minute news, directly from Haiti, you can count on us. Yes, with citizen report, we bring one another the best haiti related news from around the world. Do your part. Got news about Haiti? Post it here. We trust your reporting, more than the main stream media. Be a good citizen, report what matters to Haiti, directly or indirectly. Don't leave your phone at home and be ready to snap, in a snap.